Grand Canyon West is the ONLY Grand Canyon destination where helicopters can fly below the Canyon rim! Talk about a view...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


**Make sure you are aware of the exact location of Grand Canyon West, home of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Grand Canyon West is located approximately 240 miles from the national park entrance. Grand Canyon West is not located at the South Rim. Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Reservation at the western Grand Canyon corridor of Northern Arizona. THE GRAND CANYON SKYWALK IS NOT LOCATED AT GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK.

**Like much of the rural Southwest, Grand Canyon West is located in a remote wilderness region. There are no fast food restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations at Grand Canyon West. The nearest major services are 70 miles away in Kingman, AZ. If you are driving to Grand Canyon West, please make sure your vehicle is in top, working condition and that you are prepared in the event of a roadside emergency. We advise anyone traveling across the Southwest to become familiar with the weather, the terrain and the location of major services.

**There is a 14-mile stretch of unpaved county road leading into the reservation. We are working toward an agreement to pave that part of the road. We really appreciate your patience!

**Grand Canyon West is a travel destination that promotes the cultural experience of visiting the Hualapai Reservation and the western rim of the Grand Canyon. We sell individual tour packages in place of an entrance fee. Please visit Destination Grand Canyon for the only correct pricing information!

**The Grand Canyon Skywalk is an add-on to our most popular tour package, The Spirit Package, priced at $49.95. It is an additional cost of $25 to walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. PLEASE NOTE: Though some visitors only want to pay the $25 to walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, as a tour operator we honor our policy of selling individual tour packages. Please be advised that we do not make special pricing exceptions for visitors who only visit Grand Canyon West to walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

**Please respect our photography rules. While WE DO NOT ALLOW CAMERAS ON THE GRAND CANYON SKYWALK, YOU MAY TAKE PICTURES THROUGHOUT GRAND CANYON WEST AND CAPTURE STUNNING CANYON VIEWS AT BOTH GUANO AND EAGLE POINT. If you would like a souvenir photo of yourself on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, we do employ a professional photographer. Souvenir photos are available at a cost of $19.95 each.

**We don't authorize our visitors to drive their own vehicles around Grand Canyon West. We do, however, have luxury coaches to transport our visitors from venue to venue within Grand Canyon West. This service is included in the cost of any tour package.

**Please visit Destination Grand Canyon for the most concise and TRULY CORRECT DIRECTIONS from major cities and destinations in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. Many maps might not contain proper directions and could lead you out of the way!